The Dead Photographers Society was an idea born out of a love for black and white photography and doing things the old fashioned way…in a “wet” darkroom. Pursuing photography in this way infers both a love for the medium and a love for the process, and predisposes itself to practicing the “craft” of photography and “making” images rather than “taking” them. Over time the group has evolved into a gathering place which provides a lightly structured forum for discussion of and mutual learning about the art of photography through demonstration, sharing of ideas, works, critiques and techniques. Our goal is to assist the members in the realization of their individual ambitions in the medium of photography, whatever those ambitions may be.

The group was formed over 5 years ago and has participated in exhibitions of the members work in a number of venues including, The Ice House and Cultural Center, The Hue Gallery, Tarrant County Community College, United Way Of Tarrant County (permanent installations), Resource One Federal Credit Union – One Arts Plaza Dallas, Texas, and the “Art Under Glass” project in downtown Dallas. Our membership includes people at all levels of the medium, from those just starting out, to a few who have been published multiple times…and we are proud that our group consists of people from all walks of life, and multiple diverse backgrounds.