Enter Gallery Through Image

I was raised in Atlanta Georgia and graduated from Georgia Southern College with a Business Degree. I became interested in photography in college when I borrowed a 35 mm camera and shot a photo of a sunset in rural Georgia in 1968. I bought my first camera soon after that. I was always interested in art and found that photography was my best outlet for creating art.
I started taking photography classes and darkroom classes wherever I could find them and work them into my normal work life schedule. I studied photography at The Photographic Center, SMU School of Continuing Education, The University of Central Florida School of Continuing Education, and Richland College’s School of Continuing Education, and as a student of Chris Regis, Dallas photographer.
I am an avid reader of books of other people’s art in all forms and on photographic technique. I am a frequent visitor to any museum or gallery showing work of other photographers.

My work has been published in the Texas Historical Society Magazine, and has been shown and awarded at:
The Bath House and Cultural Center, Texas State Fair, Texas Photographic Society’s Members Only Show, Bosque County Photo Competition, Hill Country Arts Competition Kerrville, The City of Allen Photographic Competition, The City of Richardson Photographic Competition,  The Ice House and Cultural Center, and The Hue Gallery.

Rescued Moments

I am but a moment
Never to be again
Less than a second
From beginning to end

I pass on my way
Never to be repeated
Never to stay

But if rescued by passion
Recorded by lens
I remain a moment
But to be shared again

These moments we captured
They have a common theme
They are captured time
Moments that have been