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I am just a hack with some skilz!

I'm 58, semi-retired, and live in Texas. I have had the pleasure of being in 39 different countries around the world, many of them for extended periods of time.

I am one of those that still believes in the awesome power of film, but increasingly am shooting in digital...I shoot what I like that I see...and am apt to use whatever cam is available to do the job...these days I am usually shooting with a Canon 30D, but still enjoy dragging the large format gear out every now and then...We have a small studio and a full service darkroom here at the house which helps us to keep costs down...

Past Exhibitions:
Thru the Lens, January 2005, HUE Gallery, Mansfield TX
Dead Photographers Society, June thru August 2005, TCCC, Ft Worth, TX
Rescued Moments, July 2005, Ice House Cultural center, Dallas, TX

Art Under Glass – Art for the People, May/June 2006, Dallas TX
Perception, August/September 2006, HUE Gallery, Mansfield TX

Monthly Featured Artist, Studio Duende, McKinney TX, December, 2007

The Dead Photographers Society, Ice House Cultural Center, Dallas, TX, May/June 2009

In the past I have done work for International Paper Company, Sage Pharmaceuticals, IBM, Brown Amplifiers, and public relations work for companies in Dallas, Tx and several companies in both Monroe and Shreveport, LA.

Locally my work has been featured in McKinney Living magazine, Gusto Guide magazine, and Southern Vanity magazine, as well as