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Thank you for taking the time to view my photography!

I feel that our surroundings have a lot to offer us visually, but often times we fail to see these wonders because we are too entrenched in our everyday lives to see them.   We all need more tranquility in our lives, and as such I photograph subjects that elicit feelings of peace and tranquility for me individually.   These may not be the same things that cause the same feelings in you but that’s OK; this is an exploration of the world around us – and it will tend to affect us all in different ways.   I am impressed by things that are simple, and sometimes represent a way of life long since gone.  
I photograph mostly in black and white because of the rich tonality these prints can yield if done properly, and am motivated to continue this journey by contemporary artists like Ansel Adams, John Sexton, and Roman Loranc, and Robert Maplethorpe to name a few.   I realize that the gap between greatness and mediocrity is wide, and this is of no consequence to me.   I simply offer these photographs to you, the viewer, as an example of my vision – and hope that as this vision is refined that more people will appreciate the work and effort that went into making these photographs, and maybe even have a little understanding into who I am.

I use both traditional darkroom methods or digital negative scans and Adobe Photoshop/Gimp to realize prints.

Past Exhibitions:

Thru the Lens, January 2005, HUE Gallery, Mansfield TX
Dead Photographers Society, June thru August 2005, TCCC, Ft Worth, TX
Rescued Moments, July 2005, Ice House Cultural center, Dallas, TX

Art Under Glass – Art for the People, May/June 2006, Dallas TX
Perception, August/September 2006, HUE Gallery, Mansfield TX

The Dead Photographers Society, Ice House Cultural Center, Dallas, TX, May/June 2009