PAMELA DAVIS/The Path Photography

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Sentry Tree - Infrared


The Path of life has sometimes spiraled out of control only to land me where I needed to be.
In essence, each turn for good or not has been My Path.

The Path of photography has been only a few years in the walking. I have a grand love of nature and try to express the hidden nuances of it in my images.  The images of Texas I stumble upon, often need recognition, I hope I fulfill this.  I believe a photographer should show you what they were so fortunate to witness, and strive to convey that to you.

Passion - I have found passion in many creative vises and succeeded with each.
What has been lacking is internal pleasure, a feeling that haunts you through all odds to continue the unknowns of creativity.
Photography has pushed the boundaries, erased lack, and created internal pleasure. It is a glorious ghost roaming the halls of my creative house.

It all comes down to light, doesn’t it?
The fact is I love light: the way it caresses objects on it’s rising; the way it verifies the day; or the way it leaves us with a blush on the horizon.
Capturing light is what photography is and I’m happily obsessed with it!