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I have grown up with animals and have an extreme appreciation for their beauty.   I feel that the eye is the center to their soul.   In each photo I try to capture the emotions and a part of the animal’s beauty.   My animal photos have been displayed at the Hue Gallery in Mansfield, the City of Richardson Photo Contest, the Bosque Conservatory in Clifton, and the Bath House Art Festival in Dallas.

I have been interested in photography and the arts since I can remember.   My mother, with her degree in art, always taught my brothers and me to be creative.   I always had a passion for photography and I was often seen taking pictures of family functions as a kid.   In high school I was the assistant editor of the Yearbook Club.  
In college I received my degree in accounting, but continued to enjoy taking pictures.  
After college I decided to take Continuing Education photography classes at Richland College and obtained my Photography Certificate in August of 2004.
I learned more about photography in a year at Richland than I thought possible.
Now I am in the Dead Photographers Society of Richardson and continue to absorb knowledge and appreciate the work of fellow members.