Enter Gallery Through Image

There are those rare things in life that captivate you, ensnare you and make your spirit soar.
For me those precious gems are music, photography and art.

I was born an artist, drawing cartoons and animals from the age of seven, and creating is what I was born to do. As an adult I entered the interior design profession and always enjoyed giving my clients the home of their dreams. When I documented these spaces on film, I was often complimented on the angles I chose, my sensitivity to light and composition. I began to see some new doors opening for me.

I bought my first SLR in the spring of 2003 and have not looked back since. I have been enthralled by the idea of capturing time, composing a scene, and recording a lifestyle. One of my most favorite subjects to photograph is a musician. I want my images to convey the energy, the awe, and the love that both artists have for music, I as the photographer, and they as the musician. Music, to me, creates a soundtrack for our lives and photography, a storyboard. In addition to the musical tendencies of my subjects, my experiences with design and architecture have also shaped my photographers eye. I love the play of light and shadow on buildings, especially on the fine details of granite corbels and grand fluted columns. I am intrigued by the sleek angles of a towering skyscraper, just as I am tickled by the carved puttis adorning Baroque structures.

As a curious student of photography, I have lots still to learn, yet I bring with me my expertise and love of all things architectural and musical. I can only hope that my sensitivities and respect for those “gems” in my life are forever preserved in the photographs I produce. It is going to be quite a journey of self- discovery and exploration, I think. I will no doubt meet many great photographers along the way, see numerous wonderful images, and take pictures that I think may be so-so on a good day, and with any luck, good on a great day. Here’s hoping for lots of great days ahead!

Sonja Quintero/a.k.a Squintphoto